Current Students

Ph.D Students

Ahmad Abdelmawla
Graduate Research Assistant
M.S. Cairo University, Egypt
B.S. Cairo University, Egypt
Research Topic: Use of GPR for Resilient Infrastructure Health Monitoring with Image Analysis and Machine Learning Algorithm

Steve Pahno
Graduate Research Assistant
M.S. Georgia State University
B.S. Georgia Institute of Technology
Research Topic: Development of a performance-based specification for subgrade soil embankment

Mahyar Shahri
Graduate Research Assistant
M.S. University of Tehran
Research Topic: Investigation of heavier-than-expected vehicle weights on statewide pavement degradation

Julian Hwang
B.S. Environmental Engineering
University of Florida 2022
Research Topic: Satellite Based Decision-Making Approach to Enhance Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation Strategy 

M.S/Double Dawgs

Zack Hall
B.S. Civil Engineering
University of Georgia 2023

Donovan Jackson
B.S. Civil Engineering
Savannah State University 2022